Collapsing roads and cities savaged by riots. A gun smuggled into Latin America in a vintage camper. A 16-year-old dog in the back seat. Earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and political coups. And that was the safe road trip Teresa Bruce took down the Pan American Highway


Thirty years earlier, in the 1970s, she traveled the same route. Most of it spent flagging down help along the side of the road when her family's homemade camper broke down -- 61 times.


Her childhood home was still out there, abandoned somewhere in the Bolivian outback. Bruce's latest book chronicles her search for it and the triumph of reaching the end of the road.


Her published books include IBPA's best memoir of 2014: "The Other Mother: a rememoir" and the narrative for "Transfer of Grace: images of the lowcountry."

She is also an award-winning screenwriter, PBS documentary filmmaker and TEDx speaker.


Teresa Bruce