"The Other Mother: a rememoir" wins IBPA's Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal for best Autobiography/Memoir!

This year the Independant Book Publishers Association competition drew 1,300 entries from around the country. The organizers told Joggling Board Press that we were one of the top three vote-getters in our category but I didn't know we'd won until the emcee at NYU's Kimmel Center Pavilion in Manhattan announced it at a ceremony opening Book Expo America. Byrne and Duncan's first apartment was just a few blocks away -- what a thrill to have "The Other Mother" honored in her home town! Congratulations to Susan Kammeraad-Campbell and her team at Joggling Board Press.


May 11th, 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of Mother's Day in America and I celebrated with a new trailer for the ebook version of "The Other Mother: a rememoir." Enjoy!


Since all the world's a stage it was the perfect spot for the Peggy Verity bookclub to discuss "The Other Mother."

I've also had the honor of attending the Mockingbird's meeting when they picked my book for January. And it all started with the OWLs bookclub that meets at Oyster Cay Collection in Beaufort. Bookclubs might be the stealth way for the book to leap across the country, so please recommend it to any bookclub you know.


If you're not part of a bookclub but still want to celebrate and share the love of Other Mothers, feel free to host an Other Mother Soiree. Barbara Kelly hosted the first, at the Beaufort Bread Company. Then dear friends in Charleston and Washington DC hosted soirees in their homes. It's a great way to honor the other mothers in your life.





  Byrne Miller - meet TED

You'll love each other. Check out the TEDx talk I gave in Charleston called: "The Wisdom in Quitting: Lessons from my Other Mother."



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Check out a thoughtful Q&A about "The Other Mother" from Santa Fe's indie bookstore Collected Works HERE.

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